Here's a little about me...

I’m Colette – a hockey-marching band Mama who’s found her groove behind the camera of The Lipstick Lens.  You’ll find I’m passionate about many things and seeing the beauty in people and the world around us is one of them.  I started my online journey by putting my pretties where the peace is over at my home decor and lifestyle blog, Restyle it Wright.  It’s in that online space where I found my passion for not only creating beautiful spaces but capturing them through the lens as well.  

So now here I am using that experience to photograph other girl boss’s, momma’s, little lady boss’s, families, and interiors. Why The Lipstick Lens you might ask? Well – I believe in women supporting women and the incredibly strong bond we have. I chose to devote my business to doing just that – supporting all the femprenuers who are taking this world by storm. My mom inspired my business name (also a fierce ladyboss herself) by living by the Liz  Taylor quote “Pour yourself a drink, put some lipstick on, and pull yourself together”. I couldn’t think of a more perfect name.


Modern, moody, and glam give me #allthefeels but I love a good dose of bright and cheerful too! I’ll make you shine wherever we are – in the studio, at your house, or just chillin on a park bench. Don’t worry, you will rock this session out! Bonus points if you like old school gangsta rap (I’m looking at you Salt ‘N Pepa and Snoop Dogg).

Making you feel comfortable and at ease is my mission. Capturing your spirit, energy, and essence at this very moment in life is the sweet stuff. These are the kind of images you’ll look back on and feel so grateful you have them. Nothing makes me squeal with excitement more than being able to give you an experience and gallery of images that feel so uniquely YOU. 

Who's ready for a laid back and fun photoshoot?

Let's create some magic!

I’d love to hear from you whether you’re looking for some family pictures, branding images, interior photography, or lifestyle images! And pretty much everything in between! 

Shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to get back with you so we can create some magical moments together.