Living My Why

I’ve sat down to write this out so many times and words seem to fail me but I know in my heart what I want to say.

So here it goes…

We get one life. One life where we get to choose how we’re going to show up. One life to choose our people + our tribe.  One life to make our mark in the world.  After a traumatic car accident in July 2017 I was forced to face the brutal reality of how very short life is and I am forever changed. I carry that summer day around with me on my back – a constant reminder of what was and what could have been. While I wasn’t at a place in my life where I needed a ‘lesson’, it has been an experience of re-defining my priorities, my values, and my relationships.

Image by Paige Gabert

My tribe – my people – were my strength.  I was lifted, supported, encouraged, and most importantly safe to show up as I was – and the reality is I was a fraction of who I truly am. I was broken both physically and emotionally. This tribe (aside from the men in my family like my husband and Dad) were the women in my life.

Prior to the accident I was just in the beginning stages of setting up a photography business that focused on women and creatives in business. In a sea of photographers I wanted to offer something special and unique – something to empower and support fellow creatives.  For awhile I wasn’t sure I would ever be myself again or that I would ever get that passion and creative spark back – but months after the accident a good friend and I set out to do a photoshoot for a good cause – raising money for Kids Food Basket – and I found that I can find joy again. I can see the beauty in the world again. I can live and learn from the stories of the strong women I have the honor to photograph and that is healing.

Sure, there are days the darkness and doubt wins. But on the days where I rise above those fears and and attempt to face the world head on – that is living.  And in this season of life I choose to live behind my lens.  To capture all the strong and beautiful women around me and to support local business through a curated and branded social media presence.

I invite you to share your journey with me – to be part of this amazing community of women – and to build and celebrate one another.


Image by Paige Gabert