About Colette

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet! I’m SO GLAD you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you but first a little about me and how The Lipstick Lens came to be.

Photo Credit: Paige Gabert

I’m Colette – a hockey-marching band Mama who’s found her groove behind the camera of The Lipstick Lens.  You’ll find I’m passionate about many things and seeing the beauty in people and the world around us is one of them.  I started my online journey by putting my pretties where the peace is over at my home decor and lifestyle blog, Restyle it Wright.  It’s in that online space where I found my passion for not only creating beautiful spaces but capturing them through the lens as well.  Nothing makes me squeal with excitement more than being able to give readers a peak into our home – it is truly a reflection of the people and things that bring me joy – and that wouldn’t be possible without digital photography!

So now here I am using that experience to photograph other girl boss’s, momma’s, CEO’s, and lovely ladies doing their thang every day. Why The Lipstick Lens you might ask? Well – I believe in women supporting women and the incredibly strong bond we have. I chose to devote my business to doing just that – supporting all the femprenuers who are taking this world by storm. My mom inspired my business name (also a fierce ladyboss herself) by living by the Liz  Taylor quote “Pour yourself a drink, put some lipstick on, and pull yourself together”. I couldn’t think of a more perfect name.

Modern, moody, and glam give me #allthefeels but I love a good dose of bright and cheerful too! I’ll make you shine wherever we are – in the studio, at your house, or just chillin on a park bench. Don’t worry, you will rock this session out! Bonus points if you like old school gangsta rap (I’m looking at you Salt ‘N Pepa and Snoop Dogg).

Making you feel like one of my besties is undoubtedly going to happen. Let’s be real – I’m tight with my girl tribe of other fierce females and can always make a new friend wherever I go! I whole heartedly believe in #communityovercompetition and want to spread the love!

But my mission is to make women feel confident and inspired to achieve their biggest and farthest reaching dreams. Having on brand – unique to you images can elevate your business and brand in a way like no other.  We all know the importance of our online presence (its just the way of the world) and I can help bring your vision to life to land your ideal clients and reach those goals. So who’s ready for a laid back and fun photoshoot?!

But first, I few more fun facts about me!

  • I’m third generation trumpet player and my daughter is the 4th #bandgeek.  Trumpet players are the superior instrument of course. (Of note, trumpet players tend to be extremely egotistical in this regard).
  • I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana. I was only an hour drive to Chicago and 15 minutes from the beaches of Lake Michigan. My parents still live there and my kids have enjoyed going to my old high school football games – and that makes me feel old.
  • Oh yah! I have kids! I’ve been married to my husband for ten years and we a daughter (Abby) who’s a freshman in high school (I know OLD) and a son (Drew) who’s in 5th grade.  They keep me endlessly entertained and have such different personalities. I love being their Mom.
  • Some women swoon for designer heels but my heart skips a bit over wallpaper and fabric.  Give me a swatch of Designer’s Guild peony fabric and I’m a happy girl. Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap for years and it’s time to embrace the gorgeous colors and patterns out there – be prepared to pay a pretty penny though because the good stuff isn’t cheap but oh so worth it.
  • A dear family member recently said to me “you’re a great nurse – you were born for this role” and I embrace that whole heartedly. When I’m not creating, decorating, or photographing you can find me welcoming new life into the world as a Labor and Delivery nurse.  It’s a challenging but rewarding adrenaline packed job and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I can’t wait to meet YOU!